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9xchange Biopharma Marketplace Partners with PhaseV to Introduce Machine Learning-Enhanced Technology for Optimizing Clinical Trials within their Ecosystem

Tuesday, November 07, 2023

PhaseV, a pioneer in the field of causal machine learning (ML) for dynamic clinical trial analysis and optimization, has announced a new collaboration with 9xchange, a biopharma marketplace. This partnership aims to integrate PhaseV's state-of-the-art ML technology into the 9xchange ecosystem transaction platform.

This partnership offers 9xchange members, including pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, investors, entrepreneurs, and select academic centers, the opportunity to access PhaseV's proprietary ML technology. This will enable them to retrospectively analyze and optimally design and execute advanced clinical studies. This announcement follows a recent partnership between 9xchange and BenevolentAI, an AI-enabled drug discovery and development company, which uses BenevolentAI's technology to support decision-making processes related to indication expansion and drug repurposing for assets within the 9xchange platform.

9xchange, emphasized the importance of this collaboration, stating, "Many potentially valuable drugs fail to reach patients due to resource constraints, lack of attention, or issues related to suboptimal trial design. The seamless online transaction pathway offered by 9xchange removes barriers and uncovers unexpected opportunities while allowing members to leverage various AI/ML technologies. For our members, the PhaseV partnership presents new possibilities. Owners can redefine the fate of assets that may have been abandoned due to trial failures, increase their value for potential sale, and gain confidence in achieving successful outcomes. Buyers and investors can conduct thorough due diligence on assets, assess costs, and evaluate the likelihood of success. We are selective in our partnerships and are excited to collaborate with PhaseV, a team and technology we highly regard."

The PhaseV platform offers two distinct service lines for AI-driven clinical trial optimization. The first service involves assessing the potential impact of adaptive trial design on the proposed study, followed by the development and execution of an optimal trial strategy. The second service involves advanced retrospective analysis, enabling the detection of hidden insights within clinical trial data, evaluation of endpoints, and identification of subpopulations that contribute to a successful subsequent trial. By leveraging a wide array of parameters, this multifaceted approach has demonstrated significant value in drug repurposing efforts across various therapeutic areas, including oncology, endocrinology, autoimmune diseases, rare diseases, and more.

PhaseV, highlighted the potential of the latest advancements in causal inference and ML in the clinical development stage, stating, "When utilized effectively, these advancements empower us to utilize available data to make informed and optimal decisions in the clinical development stage. The 9xchange platform's advantage lies in its ability to free up assets from owners who are unlikely to pursue them further while providing access to the right technologies to unlock the potential of such assets and ensure the success of optimal trials. We highly value our partnership with 9xchange, as it will introduce our innovative proprietary technology and methods to a broader audience of biopharma innovators, enabling them to unearth the true value of available assets and support the successful development of new, much-needed treatments that might otherwise be overlooked."



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