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AbbVie Collaborates with ConcertAI and Caris Life Sciences to Hasten Oncology Pipeline Progress and Facilitate Clinical Trials

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

ConcertAI and Caris Life Sciences recently unveiled a multi-year collaboration with AbbVie to advance precision medicine-driven research, development, and clinical trial optimization in oncology.

The partnership enables AbbVie to tap into Caris' extensive real-world, multi-modal oncology database and ConcertAI's research-grade clinical data across various cancers. The goal is to guide the development of novel therapies targeted to patients most likely to benefit. Additionally, AbbVie will leverage ConcertAI and Caris' clinical network and laboratory capabilities, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to enhance the optimization of oncology clinical trials and improve patient enrollment.

Tom Hudson, SVP, Chief Scientific Officer, Global Research at AbbVie, expressed the company's commitment to expanding drug discovery and development in oncology. He underscored the importance of the partnership, combining cutting-edge technology and pioneering science to accelerate advancements in cancer treatment through big data, AI, and ML.

Jeff Elton, Ph.D., CEO of ConcertAI, highlighted the partnership's alignment with their goals of integrating multi-modal data with AI/ML approaches to expedite drug discovery and development. The objective is to facilitate the discovery and delivery of improved medicines more efficiently for their biopharma partners.

Dr. George W. Sledge, Jr., Chief Medical Officer of Caris, conveyed excitement about collaborating with AbbVie, a leader in drug development innovation. The partnership aims to identify novel targets and mechanisms while enhancing clinical trial excellence to support AbbVie's oncology portfolio.

In essence, the collaboration between ConcertAI, Caris Life Sciences, and AbbVie represents a strategic alliance that combines advanced technology, comprehensive data resources, and expertise to drive progress in oncology research and drug development.



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