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Ablexis and AlivaMab Discovery Services Announce Expansion of Antibody Drug Discovery and Engineering Capabilities

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Ablexis, LLC, a biopharmaceutical company focused on licensing its AlivaMab® Mouse technology for antibody drug discovery, and AlivaMab Discovery Services, LLC (“ADS”), a leader in the discovery of superior antibody-based therapeutics, which together are leading providers of solutions for the discovery of superior antibody-based therapeutics, announced an expansion of platforms and capabilities in antibody drug discovery and engineering. These innovative new offerings include:

  • Molecularly diverse panels of lead-quality antibodies ready for reformatting into multispecific formats of the partner’s choice, including a large panel of T-cell-engaging CD3 antibodies that potently eliminate cancer cells with minimal cytokine release.
  • New strains of AlivaMab XKL Mice offered by Ablexis that further expand the molecular and epitope diversity of the immune response to promote even broader responses against the increasingly complex types of antigens at the cutting edge of antibody drug discovery.
  • NGS-based hit-expansion capabilities that expand upon ADS’ existing advanced hybridoma-based approaches, increasing captured diversity.
  • Immune repertoire display technology offered by ADS, which enhances the capture of alternative diversities of the immune response, downstream screening, and antibody drug engineering.

“Ablexis and AlivaMab Discovery Services continue to invest in new technologies that maximize value and flexibility for our partners," said Larry Green, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Ablexis and AlivaMab Discovery Services. “Our partners enjoy an edge on their competition, not only through access to the expanding suite of AlivaMab Mouse transgenic mice for antibody drug discovery and ADS’ expanding offerings of validated technologies in antibody discovery and engineering, but also through the intellectual contributions of our scientific leadership team and deep bench of scientists. The result is that we outperform with unsurpassed speed and efficiency in the delivery of molecularly diverse, drug-quality human antibodies, even for the most challenging drug targets, enabling our partners to discover and advance better antibody drug candidates faster.”

Data on these new capabilities will be highlighted in two presentations by Jane Seagal, PhD, Vice President of Antibody Discovery at ADS, at PEGS Europe, to be held at the InterContinental Barcelona from November 14 to 16, 2022.

  • A Platform for Tuning Therapeutic Efficacy of T-Cell-Engaging Bispecific Antibodies – November 15 at 3:35 pm CET.
  • Discovery of Diverse Antibody Panels Using AlivaMab® Mouse: The Foundation for Successful Antibody Therapeutics – November 16 at 12:15 pm CET.
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