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ACROBiosystems Introduces New Program to Support Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturers

Monday, March 04, 2024

ACROBiosystems, a prominent provider of innovative tools and solutions for the biopharmaceutical sector, has unveiled a significant corporate initiative focused on enhancing ex vivo cell manufacturing and supporting manufacturers of advanced cell and gene therapies.

Acknowledging the evolving landscape of biologics manufacturing globally, this initiative marks a crucial step in ACROBiosystems' mission to address challenges across the discovery-to-clinic continuum through innovation. Manufacturing operations are pivotal in translational medicine, converting diverse needs at the discovery phase into consistent, large-scale reagents essential for clinical development and commercialization.

The 2023 Global Biopharma Resilience Index identifies several hurdles hindering manufacturing operations, including supplier agility constraints, regulatory changes, and equipment capacity limitations. ACROBiosystems aims to address these challenges through strategic product development and global expansion efforts, positioning itself as a comprehensive provider of raw materials and quality control solutions to customers worldwide.

John Miao, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, emphasizes the company's commitment to independent research and innovation in overcoming technical barriers, thereby enhancing manufacturing agility to meet customer needs promptly. This commitment is exemplified by the recent introduction of GMP-grade DLL4, a safer recombinant protein alternative to DLL4 feeder cells commonly used in iPSC-derived T cell manufacturing.

ACROBiosystems aims to facilitate earlier adoption of cost-effective, manufacturing-ready reagents like GMP-grade raw materials by eliminating the time-consuming processes of optimization and reagent switching. Moreover, by ensuring compatibility with various manufacturing equipment, the company enables a more streamlined and consistent approach to raw material manufacturing.

Through this initiative, ACROBiosystems plans to categorize its products based on specific cell therapy modalities, simplifying the transition from research to clinical applications by offering progressive reagents at each stage. Additionally, inclusion of up-to-date regulatory documentation and support from regulatory professionals ensures success throughout manufacturing and clinical trials.

By empowering scientists and engineers involved in cell therapy manufacturing, ACROBiosystems aims to facilitate the development of new, improved, and more cost-effective medicines, ultimately accelerating their journey from the lab to the patient.



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