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Agathos Biologics Unveils Novel AE1-BHK Cell Line for Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus Production Service

Thursday, March 07, 2024

Agathos Biologics, a prominent biotechnology company specializing in genetic medicine, has announced the launch of its recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) production service. This service utilizes the company’s innovative proprietary cell line, AE1-BHK. Agathos Biologics has achieved its first sale of rAAV to Genovac, a leading contract research and manufacturing organization (CRO/CMO) focused on the development and production of antibodies for therapeutic, diagnostic, and research purposes.

The rAAV was manufactured by Agathos using the AE1-BHK cell line, incorporating a transgene sequence provided by Genovac and employing triple transfection, a well-established process widely utilized with the HEK293 cell line.

The AE1-BHK cell line was developed through stable transfection of the BHK-21 (C-13) cell line. James Brown, CEO and co-founder of Agathos Biologics, expressed the significance of this milestone: “The launch of our tailored rAAV service and the inaugural sale of rAAV produced using our AE1-BHK cell line mark a significant advancement for our company. This represents the first instance of rAAV sale produced via triple transfection in a cell line other than HEK293. Through our custom services, we aim to aid clients in designing rAAV expression cassettes containing their genes of interest, producing rAAV for both in vitro and in vivo research applications.”

Furthermore, Brown highlighted Agathos’ commitment to accessibility and innovation: “In addition to our custom rAAV service, we are offering samples of AE1-BHK, a polyclonal line, at no cost. Clients only need to cover shipping and handling to receive these cells for internal research use. Our objective is to make our cells widely accessible, providing alternatives to HEK293 and expanding options for genetic medicine research and development.”

Brian Walters, CEO of Genovac, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration: “Genovac is dedicated to exploring efficient genetic payload systems to elicit immune responses across various animal species and strains. We anticipate leveraging Agathos’ rAAV in our efforts to develop diverse antibody candidates to support our clients’ R&D requirements. Additionally, we eagerly await evaluating the potential of AE1-BHK in recombinant antibody and protein production.”

Agathos continues to collaborate with various partners to advance AE1-BHK development. Brown emphasized the company's commitment to ethical considerations and industry collaboration: “We are committed to advancing AE1-BHK to enhance biomanufacturing and address ethical concerns surrounding cell lines. Gene therapy holds significant promise in addressing unmet medical needs, and we are dedicated to expanding access to these innovative treatments through improved manufacturing materials and methods.”

Agathos initially presented AE1-BHK data in a poster session at the ASGCT 2023 Annual Meeting and has filed patent applications for AE1-BHK and related technologies. For further details on custom AAV and to request AE1-BHK cell samples,



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