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Aktis Oncology and Lilly Announce Strategic Collaboration for Novel Anticancer Radiopharmaceuticals

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Aktis Oncology, a company specializing in the development of targeted radiopharmaceuticals for solid tumors, has entered a significant collaboration with Eli Lilly and Company. The aim is to utilize Aktis Oncology's unique miniprotein technology platform to discover new anticancer radiopharmaceuticals. By combining Aktis' expertise with Lilly's experience in oncology drug development, the collaboration seeks to create innovative therapies for various solid tumors.

Aktis Oncology, expressed excitement about the partnership. He emphasized the potential of Aktis' miniprotein platform to target novel entities while ensuring safety and efficacy in clinical settings. Roden stated, "Our collaboration with Lilly allows us to explore new targets and extend meaningful clinical benefits to more patients through targeted radiopharmaceuticals."

As part of the agreement, Aktis will receive an upfront cash payment of $60 million and an equity investment from Lilly. Additionally, Aktis stands to earn up to $1.1 billion in potential milestones across various stages of development, along with royalties.

In return, Lilly gains global rights to develop radiopharmaceutical products based on Aktis' discoveries, focusing on specific targets selected by Lilly.

Lilly Oncology, expressed optimism about the collaboration's potential. He highlighted the opportunity to enhance Lilly's radiopharmaceutical capabilities and develop impactful new treatments for cancer patients using Aktis' technology. Van Naarden said, "This collaboration reinforces our commitment to advancing radiopharmaceutical therapies and bringing meaningful new treatments to cancer patients."



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