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Anagenex and Nimbus Have Joined Forces in a Collaborative Initiative to Explore Small Molecule Therapeutics for Various Medical Indications

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Anagenex and Nimbus Therapeutics have recently initiated a collaborative research venture focused on the discovery of small molecule drugs targeting challenging entities. Anagenex, a forward-thinking drug discovery company employing extensive data generation and proprietary artificial intelligence (AI), will closely collaborate with Nimbus in this joint effort.

In this comprehensive partnership, Anagenex's AI-driven parallel biochemistry platform will be utilized to create a substantial dataset for each of Nimbus' designated targets. This data will serve as the foundation for training Anagenex's proprietary AI models, enabling the generative design of 100 million unique, target-specific molecules. This innovative approach will facilitate the experimental exploration of structure-activity relationships on an unparalleled scale and speed, ultimately leading to the identification of potent and highly selective drug candidates.

As outlined in the agreement, Anagenex is set to receive an upfront payment and stands to benefit from option and research and development milestone payments from Nimbus for each program within the collaborative framework.

Nicolas Tilmans, CEO of Anagenex, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Nimbus, highlighting the opportunity to collectively explore new areas beyond oncology on a significant scale.

Peter Tummino, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Nimbus, underscored the synergies between Anagenex's platform and Nimbus' expertise in computational and structure-based drug discovery. The collaboration aligns with Nimbus' strategy of addressing challenging targets across various therapy areas, pooling efforts to advance small molecule medicines with the overarching goal of improving patients' lives.



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