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Anocca AB and Shinobi Therapeutics Team Up to Develop Allogeneic TCR-T Cell Therapies for Oncology

Friday, May 31, 2024

Anocca AB and Shinobi Therapeutics have recently announced a strategic partnership to collaborate on the development of a new type of off-the-shelf allogeneic TCR engineered iPS-T-cell therapies targeting solid tumors. Anocca, a leading developer of T-cell receptor-engineered T-cell (TCR-T) therapies, brings its expertise in discovering and validating novel TCRs, while Shinobi, known for its immune-evasive induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived CD8 αβT-cell therapies (iPS-T), provides its proprietary immune evasive iPS-T cell platform.

Anocca, expressed excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing the potential of combining Anocca's TCR discovery platform with Shinobi's technology. Dan Kemp, CEO of Shinobi, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the opportunity to develop a comprehensive pipeline of TCR and CAR-targeted off-the-shelf T-cell therapies through the partnership.

Shinobi’s ‘Katana’ technology facilitates the efficient introduction of antigen-targeting TCR and/or CAR constructs into its immune evasive iPS-T cells. Anocca's deep-tech discovery platform leverages programmable human cells to manipulate T-cell immunity and generate highly specific TCR candidates for solid cancer treatment. Together, they aim to produce TCR engineered CD8 αβiPS-T-cells targeting validated cancer targets and demonstrate pre-clinical proof of concept.

The partnership also addresses the distinction between autologous and allogeneic cell therapy. Autologous cell therapy involves using immune cells derived from a patient, engineered, and then reintroduced to the same patient to avoid rejection. Allogeneic cell therapy, utilizing iPS cell-derived immune cells, offers scalability and off-the-shelf availability but faces challenges such as allo-rejection. Through their collaboration, Anocca and Shinobi aim to overcome these challenges and bring forth innovative solutions for cancer treatment.



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