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ARTBIO and Pharmalogic Have Established a Supply Arrangement for the Lead-212 Therapeutic Candidate AB001, Targeting New York and Its Neighboring States

Saturday, January 13, 2024

PharmaLogic Holdings Corp. ("PharmaLogic") and ARTBIO have jointly announced a manufacturing and supply agreement for AB001, a radiopharmaceutical candidate developed by ARTBIO for the treatment of prostate cancer. PharmaLogic, a renowned radiopharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organization, will provide assistance with radiochemistry and supply the finished radiopharmaceutical product for forthcoming Phase I and II clinical trials of AB001. This collaboration will take place at PharmaLogic's New York facility, utilizing ARTBIO's proprietary AlphaDirect™ 212Pb isolation technology.

Under the agreement, Emanuele Ostuni, Ph.D., CEO of ARTBIO, highlighted the synergy between PharmaLogic's manufacturing expertise and ARTBIO's AlphaDirect™ technology, aiming to deliver safe and effective alpha radioligand therapies. AB001 utilizes 212Pb, an alpha-emitting radioisotope with potential applications in targeted alpha radioligand therapy due to its favorable short half-life and other properties. Preliminary studies have shown promising results, indicating the potential of 212Pb to address unmet clinical needs.

D. Scott Holbrook, Chief Strategy Officer and General Manager for PharmaLogic, emphasized the partnership's alignment with their mission to bring transformative radiopharmaceuticals to patients. The collaboration aims to make significant strides in therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals to ultimately improve patient outcomes.



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