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AstraZeneca Expands Manufacturing Operations in the US to Accelerate Progress in Next-Generation Cell Therapy Innovation and Development

Wednesday, February 07, 2024

AstraZeneca has announced a $300 million investment in a state-of-the-art facility located in Rockville, MD, to introduce its innovative cell therapy platforms in the US for critical cancer trials and future commercial supply. This initiative will lead to the creation of more than 150 highly skilled jobs initially dedicated to manufacturing T-cell therapies for global clinical trials. Over time, the facility may broaden its focus to support other disease areas.

This significant investment represents AstraZeneca's latest venture into cell therapy, following strategic collaborations with Quell Therapeutics, AbelZeta, Cellectis, and the acquisition of Neogene Therapeutics.

AstraZeneca, expressed excitement, stating, “We are thrilled about creating over 150 new highly skilled jobs to advance our scientific work and therapies into clinical trials, which could have a transformative impact on patient lives worldwide. This $300 million investment will expedite our efforts to make next-generation cell therapy a reality, ensuring we are prepared to scale up and meet patient needs."

AstraZeneca's five global R&D centers, is situated within Maryland's thriving life sciences corridor, providing access to several universities and fostering an environment conducive to talent recruitment.

“AstraZeneca and the State of Maryland are both deeply committed to innovation, making us an ideal match for this next-generation cell therapy facility. This significant investment in our life sciences sector will bolster Maryland’s leadership in the industry and enhance our competitive edge. We extend our sincere gratitude to AstraZeneca for their partnership and ongoing commitment to our state."

The Rockville facility will integrate into AstraZeneca’s global manufacturing and supply network, which comprises nearly 30 operational or under-development sites across 16 countries. In the US, AstraZeneca’s manufacturing sites specialize in producing small molecules and biologics, employing over 2,600 full-time staff and delivering more than 9 billion doses of medicines annually.

AstraZeneca's focus on oncology cell therapy aims to enhance the immune system’s T-cells' ability to combat cancer more effectively. The company's research teams are exploring innovative approaches to target and fortify CAR-Ts to heighten their efficacy in treating solid tumors, particularly in overcoming the immune-suppressive tumor microenvironment. Looking ahead, AstraZeneca is striving to develop next-generation cell therapies, where physicians could select from a repository of off-the-shelf patient-ready therapies developed from healthy donor cells.

The company is advancing various armoured autologous CAR-T therapies, including Glypican 3 (GPC3) targeting CAR-Ts in hepatocellular carcinoma, and AZD5851, currently in Phase I, being globally developed. AstraZeneca is also progressing a pipeline of novel T-cell receptor therapies (TCR-Ts) through its subsidiary Neogene Therapeutics, including NT-125, NT-175, and NT-112, all in Phase I clinical trials in solid tumors.

AstraZeneca's investment in the Rockville facility underscores its commitment to advancing cutting-edge cell therapy platforms, with the aim of revolutionizing cancer treatment and improving patient outcomes globally.



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