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Axion BioSystems Introduces New High-Throughput, Multiplate Maestro TrayZ Platform

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Axion BioSystems today announces Maestro TrayZ, an innovative, live-cell analysis platform designed for high-throughput drug development and therapeutic discovery. The new system—featuring a slim multiplate tray design that allows for modular scalability and fits comfortably inside an incubator—joins Axion’s growing suite of next-generation Maestro products and offers a flexible, affordable option for noninvasive, label-free monitoring of live cells in real time.

“The paradigm-shifting Maestro TrayZ platform meets growing customer demand for a high-throughput, cost-effective tool that can help bring novel cell-based treatments to the market faster,” stated Kevin Gould, Axion BioSystems’ CEO. “I applaud Axion’s remarkable product development team for this achievement and expect the new system will quickly become indispensable for scientists and drug developers.”

According to Axion’s President and CTO Jim Ross, the scalable tray design is a gamechanger for users. “The Maestro TrayZ platform provides a great deal of flexibility, allowing users to add trays to increase the throughput to meet their needs and easily run multiple experiments in a controlled, GMP-compatible environment. This high-throughput capacity, combined with Axion’s signature intuitive controls, powerful software, and automated tracking keeps the increased throughput from increasing the workload, making the system a great fit for any discovery and manufacturing workflow.”

Today’s complex cell-based therapeutics, such as CAR T cell therapies for immuno-oncology applications, demand powerful in vitro assays that can accurately characterize cellular interactions during preclinical development and ensure product consistency throughout the manufacturing process. While conventional assays are limited to a single snapshot in time and can miss important markers of cellular activity, Axion BioSystems’ label-free, noninvasive Maestro TrayZ—which uses sensitive bioelectrodes to continuously monitor the potency of immune cell-mediated killing—enables scientists to efficiently test new therapeutic candidates and maintain the quality of cell-based products in real time. Designed with a regulatory environment in mind, Maestro TrayZ boasts GMP-compliance software, barcode plate tracking, environmental monitoring, and automated event logging.

“Since the launch of the original Maestro Z in 2020, we have been gratified to see how scientists around the world are using our systems to accelerate the development of urgently needed immunotherapies, identify potential antivirals, and investigate other complex cellular behavior in vitro,” added CEO Kevin Gould. “The Maestro TrayZ takes it to the next level, and we look forward to seeing how users will continue to break new ground.”

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