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Biome Introduces the Next Generation in Performance Management Application for Cardiovascular Centers

Friday, September 30, 2022

Biome Analytics, the leader in clinical performance solutions, is pleased to announce the release of the Biome Performance Manager™. This next-generation application leverages novel machine learning methods and the most advanced library of performance measures to help hospitals and care teams accelerate clinical and financial improvement and manage more improvement initiatives with fewer resources.

“Health systems invest expensive and scarce resources wrangling the clinical and financial data they need to drive performance improvement. Too often, their improvement initiatives fail to engage clinicians or achieve promised outcomes,” says Skye Lawrence, Chief Product Officer. “Our Performance Manager™ aggregates health system data, aligns care teams around clinically relevant performance measures, and empowers them to accelerate clinical and financial improvement.”

Enterprise heart centers can now leverage the experience and best thinking of their peers in leading health systems using Biome’s Performance Roadmaps and Smart Goals. These battle-tested performance improvement templates, combined with Biome’s DMAIC-based improvement methodologies, allow health systems to hit their goals faster and at a lower cost.

Benefits of the Biome Performance Manager:

  • Use smart goals and roadmaps to leverage the experience of leading heart centers
  • Accelerate improvement - get started in weeks and demonstrate gains in months
  • Manage more targeted initiatives at a lower cost
  • Avoid backsliding and keep a light shining on hard fought gains
  • Celebrate more successes
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