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Biora Therapeutics Continues Advancements in Its BioJet™ Systemic Oral Delivery Platform

Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Biora Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq: BIOR) has made significant strides in achieving its device performance targets for the innovative BioJet™ platform designed for systemic oral delivery of biotherapeutics. The BioJet platform employs an ingestible device that utilizes liquid jet delivery to facilitate systemic uptake in the small intestine.

In a recent quarterly conference call, the company disclosed preliminary results from animal testing, indicating the successful achievement of both its device function targets and its performance objective of exceeding 15% average bioavailability with the autonomous version of its next-generation device. As previously planned, Biora Therapeutics conducted additional studies and has now officially confirmed that it has met its developmental objectives for the BioJet platform.

Adi Mohanty, CEO of Biora Therapeutics, expressed enthusiasm about these achievements, stating, Our success in meeting these performance targets in multiple animal studies has enabled us to commence testing the molecules of two out of our three pharma collaborators with our next-gen device. This aligns with our goal to advance our collaborations and work toward significant partnerships this year.

Mohanty emphasized the unique approach of the BioJet platform in addressing the challenge of oral delivery of large molecules. He highlighted its ability to deliver existing liquid formulations in multi-milligram doses and underscored the platform's potential to handle more complex molecules in the future. This includes substances like dual and triple agonists for diabetes management, monoclonal antibodies, peptides, and other substantial compounds, all without the need for needles.

In June, Biora Therapeutics presented data at the American Diabetes Association 83rd Scientific Sessions, demonstrating the bioavailability of semaglutide when delivered via the BioJet device in an animal model. The company is scheduled to present additional data generated by the BioJet device in a concise oral discussion at the 59th annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes, set to take place from October 2–6, 2023, in Hamburg, Germany.

Biora's BioJet systemic oral therapeutics platform utilizes an ingestible capsule to enable needle-free, oral delivery of large molecules, enhancing systemic bioavailability and providing an alternative to injections for managing chronic diseases.

The BioJet platform features an ingestible device that navigates the digestive system and becomes active in the small intestine, delivering drugs via liquid jets directly into the intestinal tissue for systemic circulation. The BioJet device is roughly the size of a multivitamin and can autonomously deliver various large molecules, including proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids, in liquid formulations of up to 400µL.

Biora holds a robust patent portfolio for the BioJet systemic oral delivery platform, covering approximately 11 issued patents and 27 pending applications, encompassing the platform and its methods for treating diseases or conditions using liquid jet delivery of a wide range of drugs.

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