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Bioxytran Tests Acellular Oxygen Carrier BXT-25 in Pre-Clinical Trials

Thursday, April 20, 2023

BIOXYTRAN, INC., a clinical stage biotechnology company developing oral drugs to treat COVID-19 and other viral diseases, announced that its long awaited Acelluar Oxygen Carrier BXT-25 has been successfully tested in animals. The initial results are very encouraging because they show the non-toxicity of the experimental drug, along with the corresponding full recovery in Swiss Albino mice, in an experiment carried out in a joint venture with NDPD Pharma, Inc. As a next step, the Company intends to proceed with a 14-day repeated dose toxicity study using New Zealand Rabbits and Wistar Rats as funding permits.

The animal protocol used on the Swiss Albino mice hemorrhaged 20% of the animal’s blood which normally increases heart and respiratory rates. The fact that none of the treated animals experienced any symptoms is a huge testament to the potential efficacy of the experimental oxygen transport molecule. Reading into the data a little more, revealed that the mice fully recovered because their bodies were able to replenish the lost blood as BXT-25 was metabolized by the animal.

This breakthrough opens up the possibility of creating one of the largest platform drugs in existence. Since BXT-25 is 5,000 times smaller than a blood cell, it has the ability to permeate hypoxic regions of the body’s organs where the vasculature doesn’t support good blood flow. Many familiar with Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT) could think of BXT-25 as the intravenous version of HBOT treatment that lasts 9-18 hours and without any harmful side effects. HBOT treatment typically lasts no more than 1.25 hours daily, due to the risks of side effects. The platform drug was designed to be non-toxic and target both hypoxia and degenerative diseases. The company expects BXT-25 will represent a new paradigm in the way strokes and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Traumatic Brain Injury are treated. Other indications like ARDS, Sickle Cell Anemia, and Wound healing are some diverse indications that could benefit from BXT-25. The company also has an exclusive license to use the MDX viewer in clinical trials. The MDX viewer is FDA Approved, with a 510-K label to measure the level of hypoxia in cells.



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