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Blackstone Life Sciences Launches Uniquity Bio to Develop Novel Medications in Immunology & Inflammation

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Blackstone (NYSE:BX) made headlines today by unveiling Uniquity Bio, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company specializing in immunology and inflammation. Supported by Blackstone Life Sciences, Uniquity Bio emerges from stealth mode with promising prospects, including FDA acceptance of its Phase 2 investigational new drug application for solrikitug, a monoclonal antibody targeting TSLP, along with a substantial investment of up to $300 million to drive its development across various indications.

The company's primary objective is to provide superior efficacy with solrikitug in addressing critical respiratory and gastrointestinal conditions with significant unmet medical needs. Uniquity Bio is preparing to initiate Phase 2 clinical trials in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma, both major global health concerns according to the World Health Organization.

Blackstone Life Sciences, emphasized the firm's commitment to advancing transformative medicines, highlighting their partnership with Uniquity Bio's seasoned team of industry experts. Solrikitug, a potent anti-TSLP monoclonal antibody, holds promise due to its ability to disrupt the inflammatory cascade, potentially benefiting various immunology and inflammation programs. The drug was acquired from Merck & Co., Inc.

Uniquity Bio's CEO, Brian Lortie, praised solrikitug's potential to revolutionize treatment options for patients and commended their development approach, combining scientific rigor with operational flexibility. Kiran Reddy, MD, Senior Managing Director at Blackstone Life Sciences, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing their commitment to providing both financial support and expertise to expedite Uniquity Bio's mission.

Founded by industry veterans with a successful track record in developing therapeutics in immunology and inflammation, Uniquity Bio stands out with its sustainable business model supported by Blackstone Life Sciences. Stephen Tullman, Executive Chairman of Uniquity Bio, expressed confidence in the company's ability to deliver valuable medicines to individuals grappling with immune-mediated diseases.

The burgeoning immunology market underscores the significance of Uniquity Bio's endeavors, positioning the company as a promising player in the field. With its agile approach and seasoned leadership, Uniquity Bio aims not only to develop groundbreaking therapeutics but also to foster partnerships with global pharmaceutical leaders, paving the way for innovative solutions in immune-related disorders.



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