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Breaking Boundaries: Fluent BioSciences and Element Biosciences Collaborate to Improve Accessibility to scRNA-seq

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Fluent BioSciences and Element Biosciences are pleased to announce their collaboration to enhance the accessibility and scalability of single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq). Single-cell RNA sequencing is a vital tool for unraveling cellular and molecular diversity within complex tissues. However, obstacles such as specialized capital investment and limited accessibility have impeded widespread adoption. Fluent BioSciences addresses these challenges with its Particle-templated Instant Partitions sequencing (PIPseq) technology, providing a low barrier to entry without requiring complex instrumentation or expensive consumables.

The collaboration with Element Biosciences highlights the outstanding accuracy and cost-effectiveness of the AVITI System's novel avidity base chemistry (ABC), along with the operational flexibility of its two independent flow cells and versatile menu of read outputs. When combined with Fluent BioSciences's PIPseq innovative single-cell suite of kits, this collaboration enables various workflow combinations for end users.

A recent application note emphasizes the successful partnership between Fluent BioSciences and Element Biosciences, demonstrating the compatibility of PIPseq libraries with the AVITI System. The technical demonstration involved converting five complete PIPseq libraries for Element AVITI sequencing, producing impressive results across diverse cell types and input scales.

This collaboration signifies a substantial step forward in making single-cell RNA sequencing more accessible, cost-effective, and scalable for laboratories worldwide. Fluent BioSciences and Element Biosciences are committed to empowering researchers with cutting-edge technologies that advance the understanding of cellular and molecular diversity.



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