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Calico and Broad Institute Extend Collaboration to Tackle Age-Related Neurodegeneration

Friday, May 10, 2024

Calico Life Sciences LLC (Calico) and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard have recently announced a continuation of their collaboration, now focusing on age-related neurodegeneration. The partnership, initially formed in March 2015, has been extended until September 2029, with a commitment to supporting ongoing programs centered on aging biology, genetics, and early-stage drug discovery. While specific details of the agreement have not been disclosed, both organizations express enthusiasm for the renewed collaboration and the opportunities it presents for advancing scientific understanding and clinical development.

Calico, emphasizes the significant progress achieved since the collaboration's inception. Notably, research efforts have led to discoveries with potential implications for improving the effectiveness of immunotherapies across a wider spectrum of patients. Levinson underscores the importance of expanding the partnership to encompass research into age-related neurodegeneration, recognizing it as a crucial area for advancing scientific knowledge and therapeutic interventions.

Similarly, Dr. Todd Golub, Director and founding core member of the Broad Institute, underscores the shared commitment to advancing biomedical research and therapies for age-related diseases. He acknowledges the strides made since the collaboration began, particularly in leveraging innovative technologies and analytical methods to uncover new biological insights relevant to drug discovery. Golub looks forward to collaborating with Calico to deepen understanding of how aging influences brain function and neurological health.



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