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Certara Broadens Its Biosimulation Portfolio Through the Acquisition of Applied BioMath, Enhancing Capabilities for Optimizing Dosing in Innovative Therapies

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Certara, Inc. (Nasdaq: CERT) has recently completed the acquisition of Applied BioMath, a leading provider of model-informed drug discovery and development support aimed at expediting and mitigating risks in therapeutic research and development (R&D). This collaboration positions Certara and Applied BioMath as the largest team of experts in quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) within the life sciences industry. QSP, a biosimulation method, is increasingly utilized throughout the development lifecycle to forecast endpoints, biomarkers, and optimal dosing regimens.

The prevalent challenge in the pharmaceutical industry is that nine out of ten new therapies entering clinical trials fail to secure regulatory approval or commercialization due to efficacy issues or unmanageable toxicity. The QSP methodology has gained popularity as a means to de-risk drug development by integrating computational modeling and experimental data to analyze the interplay between a drug, the biological system, and the disease process. These insights aid in addressing critical questions related to the development of novel therapies, such as identifying the patient populations most likely to respond.

William F. Feehery, CEO of Certara, expressed optimism about the merger, stating, "Together, Applied BioMath and Certara have the scientific and computational expertise to industrialize QSP biosimulation methods." The two companies' QSP businesses complement each other in terms of clients, geographic reach, indications, and expertise. Certara's existing portfolios in biosimulation and artificial intelligence (AI) are expected to accelerate the availability and accessibility of QSP across the industry.

John Burke, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of Applied BioMath, emphasized the potential of establishing the largest team of interdisciplinary QSP scientists. He sees this development as instrumental in achieving their mission of revolutionizing drug invention more rapidly.

The newly formed QSP center of excellence aims to provide increased scale for industrializing QSP across various types of development, offering seamless biosimulation throughout the development process, and supporting biology-focused drug development. The integration of both teams is anticipated to optimize the drug development process by building reusable models for novel and combination therapies.



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