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China Pharma Holdings, Inc. Announced the Launch of N95 Medical Protective Mask

Thursday, December 29, 2022

China Pharma Holdings, Inc., an NYSE American-listed corporation with a fully-integrated specialty pharmaceuticals subsidiary based in China, today announced the launch of N95 medical protective mask ("N95 mask").  

On December 26, Hainan Medical Products Administration issued the Registration Certificate of N95 medical protective masks to Hainan Helpson Medical & Biotechnology Co., Ltd., providing a strong material guarantee for further optimizing the industrial layout, production capacity and reserves of epidemic prevention materials in Hainan Province.

N95 Mask is a medical-level protection mask. It is used to filter particles, block droplets, blood, body fluids, secretions, etc. in the air under the medical work environment.

Recently, China has completely ended its strict quarantine and zero case policies in response to COVID-19 pandemic in the past three years. The number of COVID-19 infected people has exploded in all parts of China, and the demand of medical institutions and the public for high-level medical protective masks has increased significantly. The market is in short supply, and N95 masks at drugstores and other retailers are out of stock on a large scale.

Ms. Li Zhilin, CEO of China Pharma said: "Under the time the number of infected people has increased dramatically, and many of our colleagues have stuck to their posts under the epidemic situation. Thanks to our professional pharmaceutical production facilities, Hainan Medical Products Administration has treated our registration application as a special issue. Through providing us the green channel, they gave us advance technical guidance, to issue us the Registration Certificate at the fastest speed. Our fast reaction in expanding our product lines to N95 medical protective masks have demonstrated our firm commitment to providing excellent health products for the public."

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