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Citeline and Norstella Complete Merger to Form a $5 Billion Global Pharmaceutical Technology Company

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Norstella, a prominent global leader providing comprehensive solutions to facilitate access to life-saving therapies for patients, has officially completed its merger with Citeline (formerly Pharma Intelligence), a leading player in the clinical trial intelligence field.

With the conclusion of the deal, the newly formed $5 billion global company has emerged as one of the world's largest providers of pharma intelligence solutions, boasting over 1,600 employees spread across Norstella's five esteemed brands: Evaluate, MMIT, Panalgo, The Dedham Group, and now Citeline.

This merger positions Norstella to prioritize swift innovation in guiding life sciences companies through the entire drug development process, ultimately expediting patient access to therapies.

"We firmly believe that patient access begins with identifying unmet needs and extends until patients have the therapies they require," affirmed Mike Gallup, CEO of Norstella. "As the industry moves toward highly targeted therapies serving smaller patient populations, our clients need solutions that offer actionable insights to critical business questions, enabling them to bring drugs to market faster and, ultimately, ensuring patients receive treatment sooner."

Pharmaceutical manufacturers face a deluge of data and a myriad of inquiries, ranging from leveraging real-world data and comprehending the burden of disease to communicating the clinical effectiveness of a drug, uncovering unforeseen positive clinical outcomes, or quantifying the impact of delayed therapy on the market.

As a combined organization, Norstella's solutions will empower pharma stakeholders to proactively identify unmet clinical needs, design clinical trials with well-informed endpoints to support downstream reimbursement decisions, and precisely identify eligible patients for clinical trials. A prime illustration of this capability is Panalgo's Instant Health Data (IHD) platform, capable of integrating Citeline's clinical trial and real-world data, MMIT's policy, restriction, and patient lab data, as well as The Dedham Group's clinical pathway data and real-world evidence. The collective power of these resources enables rapid answers to crucial questions regarding the patient journey, payer reimbursement, and the safety and efficacy of therapeutics.

"This union presents a unique opportunity for both Citeline and Norstella to advance their shared mission of making therapies available to patients in need," stated Jay Nadler, Executive Chair of Norstella, alongside Ramsey Hashem, CEO of Citeline. "We feel a sense of urgency to make a tangible impact, and we firmly believe that our joint innovation will change lives."

Gallup added, "At Norstella, one of our fundamental principles is to innovate in collaboration with our clients. We will continue to work closely with our clients, identifying gaps and finding ways to bridge them. Together, we strive to create a more innovative and accessible healthcare marketplace for all.

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