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Cognizant Collaborates with NVIDIA BioNeMo to Utilize Generative AI for Enhanced Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Cognizant (NASDAQ: CTSH) is at the forefront of advancing generative AI (gen AI) technology alongside the NVIDIA BioNeMo platform to tackle the complex challenges within drug discovery in the life sciences sector. This collaboration aims to enhance productivity in the development process and accelerate the delivery of life-saving treatments to the market.

Conventional drug discovery methods are laborious and demand extensive analysis of scientific literature and clinical data, resulting in high costs and long development cycles with significant failure rates. By harnessing gen AI technologies, clinical researchers can swiftly navigate vast datasets, accurately predict interactions between drug compounds, and forge new, viable pathways for drug development.

Anna Elango, EVP of Cognizant's Core Technologies & Insights, emphasized the transformative potential of generative AI in revolutionizing drug research, development, and market introduction, making it faster, more intelligent, and accessible.

Through its profound expertise in life sciences and AI, coupled with NVIDIA's industry-tailored generative AI models in BioNeMo, Cognizant aims to provide clients with a suite of model-building services, including pretrained models, advanced frameworks, and APIs. This offering enables clients to train and customize enterprise models swiftly using their proprietary data, with minimal manual intervention for data analysis and without the need for extensive coding or infrastructure maintenance.

Alvin DaCosta, VP of Global Consulting Partner Organization at NVIDIA, highlighted the potential of generative AI in driving enterprise productivity across various sectors, facilitated by the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform. Leveraging NVIDIA BioNeMo, Cognizant seeks to empower its life sciences clients with advanced, secure, and reliable AI services to achieve enhanced outcomes with bespoke drug discovery applications.

Cognizant's collaboration extends across leading global firms in pharmaceuticals, biotech, and medical devices, spanning the entire life sciences value chain. This partnership aims to advance science, enhance patient outcomes, and drive business value through a patient-centric approach and improved interactions with healthcare professionals.

Looking ahead, Cognizant intends to explore additional applications by partnering with NVIDIA in domains like manufacturing and automotive engineering, where gen AI can bolster productivity, streamline costs, and expedite innovation to market. Furthermore, Cognizant plans to establish an NVIDIA AI Center of Excellence this year to continue innovating with NVIDIA technologies, including the NVIDIA Metropolis, NVIDIA Omniverse, and NVIDIA AI Enterprise platforms, benefiting clients across diverse industries globally.



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