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Collaboration Between Culture Biosciences and Cytiva Promises Breakthroughs in Upstream Bioprocessing for Advanced Therapy Development and Manufacturing

Friday, June 16, 2023

Culture Biosciences and Cytiva have formed a partnership to drive innovation in upstream bioprocessing, with a focus on advancing the development and manufacturing of therapies. The collaboration aims to provide customers with improved access to predictive and robust scale-up capabilities.

Through the collaboration, Culture Biosciences and Cytiva will leverage digitization, in-silico approaches, and virtual monitoring and control of experiments to deliver new bioprocess solutions. The goal is to enhance the efficiency and reliability of bioprocessing workflows, ultimately accelerating the development of therapies.

One of the key initiatives in this collaboration is the integration of Culture Biosciences' 250 mL bioreactor into Cytiva's Bioreactor Scaler tool. This tool enables seamless scaling between the development and manufacturing stages, helping scientists identify optimal process control parameters and ensuring product quality. The platform also facilitates remote collaboration and data analysis, allowing teams to work together effectively from different locations.

Both Culture Biosciences and Cytiva are excited about the partnership and the potential it holds for advancing upstream bioprocessing. Culture Biosciences' proprietary upstream bioprocess development platform, which includes bioreactors, cloud-based software, and data analysis tools, has already gained trust from numerous clients in the biopharmaceutical industry.

By combining their expertise and resources, Culture Biosciences and Cytiva aim to drive innovation, improve process efficiency, and ultimately contribute to the faster and more reliable development and manufacturing of therapies.

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