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Core Biogenesis and Nucleus Biologics Announce a Collaborative Venture for the Production and Distribution of Economical and Environmentally Friendly Recombinant Proteins

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Nucleus Biologics, known as The Cell Performance Company™, has collaborated with Core Biogenesis, a leader in plant-expressed recombinant human proteins, to enhance the availability and affordability of reagents and media in the cell and gene therapy sector. The collaboration involves a comprehensive agreement covering manufacturing, distribution, and cooperation, designating Nucleus Biologics as the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) manufacturer for Core Biogenesis’ recombinant proteins. Additionally, Nucleus Biologics will act as a distributor for these proteins in the cell and gene therapy market.

Nucleus Biologics, recognized for its innovative approach to cell culture media, focuses on transparency through cloud-based tools empowering therapy developers to formulate and own their unique solutions. Supported by scientific studies demonstrating the positive impact of individual media components on cell and gene therapy efficacy, Nucleus Biologics aims to transform the cost structure of these therapies. Core Biogenesis contributes to this vision with its sustainable, cost-effective GMP human proteins produced through a cutting-edge plant expression system.

Alexandre Reeber, CEO of Core Biogenesis, emphasized the need to reshape the cost structure for recombinant proteins, providing therapy developers with multiple sourcing options and sustainable alternatives. The collaboration allows Core Biogenesis to leverage Nucleus Biologics’ expertise in cell culture media and expands the GMP status of its entire protein portfolio.

David Sheehan, CEO of Nucleus Biologics and Stoic Bio, expressed pride in partnering with Core Biogenesis and highlighted the potential of the recombinant protein platform to revolutionize the cost structure for media. This collaboration is viewed as a pivotal step in Nucleus Biologics' roadmap to reduce the cost of therapies and enhance patient access.

The partnership extends to the utilization of Core Biogenesis’s environmentally friendly protein portfolio in Krakatoa, a family of point-of-use media makers offered by Nucleus Biologics and Stoic Bio. Krakatoa systems enable on-site manufacturing, resulting in a substantial 65% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to conventional media production. The collaboration positions both companies as advocates for environmentally conscious development and manufacturing of lifesaving therapies.

The first product under this collaboration, GMP FGF-2 STAB, is set to be available in Q2, with research use only (RUO) samples for testing and feasibility purchasable in the coming weeks. As the cell and gene therapy industry continues to evolve, the Nucleus Biologics and Core Biogenesis collaboration stands out as a unique service offering, showcasing the convergence of technology and sustainability to foster the creation of more effective, sustainable, and cost-efficient therapies. With over 2,200 cell and gene therapies in development, collaborations like this are crucial to accelerate candidates into clinical trials and approved drugs.



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