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CosmosID and Resilient Biotics Collaborate on Advanced Exploration of the Respiratory Tract Microbiome

Friday, March 22, 2024

CosmosID, a distinguished company specializing in microbiome analytics, is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Resilient Biotics, a leading platform company focused on the microbiome and its role in respiratory tract health. This collaboration marks a significant step towards unraveling the complex strains of microbiota inhabiting respiratory tissues, crucial for advancing respiratory health research and therapeutic strategies.

Chris Belnap, CEO of Resilient Biotics, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "We are thrilled to team up with CosmosID, a pioneer in genomic sequencing. Together, we aim to delve deeper into the composition and functions of the respiratory tract microbiome, opening up new possibilities for therapeutic interventions and diagnostic tools."

Operating from its cutting-edge genomic sequencing facility in Germantown, Maryland, CosmosID will provide a range of next-generation sequencing services and advanced bioinformatic support. The collaboration will focus on identifying, analyzing, and comprehending the microbiome systems present in the respiratory tract across various animal models. Additionally, comprehensive genomic sequencing of respiratory colonizers from Resilient Biotics' strain collection will be undertaken. Through this combined effort, a deeper understanding of individual strain functions and their collective impact on respiratory health will be achieved.

Manoj Dadlani, President of CosmosID, expressed gratitude for the collaboration with Resilient Biotics, stating, "We are privileged to partner with Resilient Biotics, a pioneer in microbiome research. Our joint endeavor seeks to enhance our understanding of the respiratory tract microbiome, potentially revolutionizing the management of respiratory health. Leveraging our advanced genomic sequencing capabilities, bolstered by our recent merger with Clinical Microbiomics, we aim to unearth novel insights that could pave the way for innovative therapeutics and diagnostics, pushing the boundaries of microbiome research."



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