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Cumulus Oncology and leadXpro Collaborate to Develop Small Molecules Targeting Novel GPCR Targets in Cancer Treatment

Monday, July 17, 2023

Cumulus Oncology and leadXpro have recently announced a research collaboration that focuses on the discovery and development of small molecules targeting a novel cancer-focused G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR). The collaboration aims to leverage the expertise of both companies to create a valuable lead program.

In this partnership, leadXpro will contribute its expertise in structural biology, utilizing proprietary technology in protein structure determination, biophysical characterization, and computational modeling to generate innovative compounds. On the other hand, Cumulus Oncology will bring its team of experienced life science entrepreneurs with deep knowledge of the oncology sector and a successful track record in translational oncology drug development.

As part of the collaboration, Cumulus Oncology's GPCR portfolio company, which focuses on novel GPCR targets in tumors and the tumor microenvironment, will have the option to license the lead compound series and associated intellectual property resulting from the research collaboration. leadXpro, in turn, will retain an economic interest in the lead compound series under the agreed license terms.

Clare Wareing, Founder and CEO of Cumulus Oncology, expressed enthusiasm for the potential of GPCRs in the field of oncology and the technological advancements that enable better understanding and characterization of these crucial membrane signal transducers. Wareing believes that leadXpro, with its expertise in membrane protein characterization and track record in GPCR research, is the ideal partner to expedite the discovery of small molecule modulators for the novel GPCR target. Both companies anticipate successful collaboration and will provide updates on key milestones achieved.

Michael Hennig, Co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board at leadXpro, commended Cumulus Oncology for its successful translation of early-stage science into effective cancer therapeutics. Hennig highlighted Cumulus Oncology's ability to identify and validate promising opportunities and targets, as well as their resources for oncology drug development. He expressed confidence in the collaboration, combining leadXpro's scientific expertise, proprietary structural biology technology, and computational chemistry capabilities to generate novel small molecule hits and leads for modulating GPCR activity.

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