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Curi Bio Unveils MantaReady™ iPSC-Derived Skeletal Muscle Myoblasts

Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Curi Bio recently announced the commercial launch of MantaReadyTM iPSC-Derived Skeletal Muscle Myoblasts. This innovative product is specifically designed for generating human 3D engineered muscle tissues, which has significant applications in preclinical therapeutic discovery, high-throughput screening, and disease modeling.

By leveraging the potential of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), Curi Bio's myoblasts provide researchers and pharmaceutical companies with a powerful tool. These myoblasts are optimized to differentiate into skeletal muscle cells, allowing for the creation of 3D engineered muscle tissues. This advancement enables a more physiologically relevant model for studying human muscle biology and investigating muscle-related disorders.

The commercial launch of MantaReadyTM iPSC-Derived Skeletal Muscle Myoblasts demonstrates Curi Bio's dedication to advancing stem cell-based platforms in drug discovery. This breakthrough offers new opportunities for targeted therapeutics development, identification of potential drug candidates, and gaining deeper insights into muscle-related diseases. The progress in stem cell technology showcased by this announcement has the potential to greatly impact biomedical research and improve human health.

Myoblast lines have been specifically developed in response to the growing demand for high-quality iPSC-derived cells used in 3D skeletal muscle engineering. The need for large cell expansions arises from the requirement for a sufficient number of cells to fabricate 3D organoids. However, the traditional process of expanding cells for 3D tissues is time-consuming and leads to decreased cell purity and viability with multiple passages. As a result, the functionality of the muscle tissue engineered using these cells is suboptimal.

To address these issues, MantaReady cells have been developed. These cells undergo quality control measures to ensure optimal performance and are cryopreserved at high density. This approach enables direct thawing and tissue casting, eliminating the need for myoblast expansion for tissue engineering and downstream assays. By saving time and reducing variability, this method improves efficiency and ensures higher cell purity and viability, resulting in superior muscle tissue function for 3D skeletal muscle engineering.

MantaReady iPSC-Derived Skeletal Muscle Myoblasts are provided in two variations: a wild-type line derived from iPSCs of a healthy donor and a line representing Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) with specific genetic deletions to mimic a true dystrophin null phenotype. These isogenic cell lines have significant implications for preclinical drug discovery in the field.

The myoblasts undergo careful enrichment to achieve a myogenic purity of over 80%. They are extensively screened in both 2D and 3D engineered muscle tissues (EMTs) to ensure their functional characteristics. Within just five days, the myoblasts rapidly fuse at a high density, forming striated, multinucleated myotubes expressing important myogenic markers such as Desmin, Dystrophin, and MyHC. The EMTs are assessed for various parameters including contractile twitch and tetanic force, contractile kinetics, fatigue, positive force-frequency relationship, and longevity in culture. This thorough evaluation ensures that the cells accurately represent in vivo muscle function, providing a wide experimental window for testing therapeutic effects at different stages of development and maturation.

MantaReady cells are available in cryovials containing 1 million, 6 million, and 12 million cells. They can also be obtained in a kit which includes Curi's proprietary MantaReady Skeletal Muscle Medium, designed to support cell differentiation into myotubes and maintain 3D tissue cultures for extended periods. This new product offering is expected to have a positive impact on the preclinical drug discovery community, not only for DMD research but also for various diseases, aging studies, and muscle damage investigations.

Curi Bio is actively expanding its MantaReady biological product line to cater to the growing demand in the 3D market. They are committed to providing additional products that support and complement the MantaReady line. Researchers interested in utilizing MantaReady iPSC-derived skeletal muscle cells to enhance the predictive power of their experiments, or to explore other human-relevant preclinical platform technologies and services offered by Curi Bio, can visit for further information.

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