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Degron Therapeutics and Takeda Partner for Multi-Target Collaboration and Exclusive License Agreement in Molecular Glue Degrader Exploration

Friday, May 24, 2024

Degron Therapeutics ("Degron") recently announced a significant collaboration and exclusive license agreement with Takeda, aimed at advancing the discovery and development of novel molecular glue degraders across various therapeutic areas such as oncology, neuroscience, and inflammation.

Through this partnership, Degron and Takeda will leverage Degron's innovative GlueXplorer® platform to identify, validate, and optimize molecular glue degraders tailored to specific therapeutic targets selected by Takeda. As projects progress, they will transition to Takeda for further development and eventual commercialization.

Degron Therapeutics, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the opportunity to expand their platform's application into new therapeutic domains. Zou emphasized Degron's expertise in molecular glue discovery, complemented by Takeda's extensive experience in drug development and commercialization, with the collective goal of introducing groundbreaking treatments to patients globally.

Under the terms of the agreement, Degron Therapeutics will receive an upfront payment and stands to gain significant milestone payments throughout the preclinical, clinical development, and commercialization phases, amounting to a potential total of $1.2 billion if all milestones are met. Additionally, Degron will receive royalties on sales of any resulting products. The collaboration may also expand to encompass more therapeutic targets, with Takeda making an equity investment in Degron.

Takeda emphasized the transformative potential of molecular glue degraders as a novel therapeutic modality, particularly for targets previously considered inaccessible or inadequately addressed by existing treatments. Arendt sees this collaboration as not only enhancing Takeda's drug discovery capabilities but also as a testament to the cutting-edge innovation emerging from the biotech sector in China.

Founded in 2021, Degron Therapeutics builds on research originating from the laboratory of Professor Yong Cang, Ph.D., at ShanghaiTech University. The company's proprietary GlueXplorer platform, developed from this research, incorporates a diverse library of molecular glue degraders, advanced screening methodologies, and comprehensive assays for validating these compounds' mechanisms. Leveraging artificial intelligence algorithms, Degron has accelerated compound discovery, resulting in a robust pipeline of programs targeting various disease areas, including previously challenging-to-treat conditions.

In summary, the collaboration between Degron Therapeutics and Takeda represents a significant stride forward in molecular glue-based drug discovery, with the potential to introduce groundbreaking therapies to address unmet medical needs across multiple therapeutic areas.



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