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EnGeneIC's Breakthrough Therapy Shows Promise for Pancreatic Cancer Patients with Limited Treatment Options

Monday, November 27, 2023

EnGeneIC, a leader in personalized cancer treatments, has revealed the outcomes of its clinical trial in the esteemed journal "Clinical Cancer Research" by the American Association for Cancer Research. Named after Carolyn, the first pancreatic cancer patient to receive the EDV (EnGeneIC Dream Vector) nanocell treatment through a compassionate use initiative, the Carolyn Trial presents significant outcomes for end-stage Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma (PDAC) patients who received targeted EDV nanocells loaded with a potent super-cytotoxic drug (referred to as ANDC) and an immune-boosting adjuvant.

The trial findings mark a substantial advancement in PDAC treatment:

  1. Unprecedented Survival Rates: The trial showcased a substantial increase in median overall survival, with 88% of participants surpassing at least double the historical survival rates. Notably, the longest-surviving patient lived for an unprecedented 19.7 months. Eight out of 17 evaluated patients survived for more than 6 months, compared to historical survival rates of less than 2 months.
  2. Minimal to Negligible Toxicity: To combat drug resistance common in PDAC patients undergoing multiple therapies, the EDV – ANDC combination was developed with a super-cytotoxic drug. Remarkably, minimal to no toxicity was observed, ensuring better well-being throughout the trial compared to past chemotherapy treatments.
  3. Positive Impact on Body Weight: Surprisingly, over 80% of patients on the EDV treatment either maintained their weight or experienced weight gain. This is a significant departure from the severe weight loss associated with advanced PDAC, offering hope for improved quality of life alongside treatment effectiveness.

Professor Vinod Ganju, the Lead Investigator, expressed optimism about these findings, considering them an early 'proof of principle' for this adaptable technology. He emphasized the treatment's safety, tolerability, extended disease control, and maintained quality of life in a group of PDAC patients resistant to conventional therapies. Ganju is eager to explore this therapeutic approach in earlier stages, anticipating even greater benefits.

This publication follows EnGeneIC's recent announcement that a single patient with metastatic PDAC, treated in Los Angeles for 12 months, experienced complete tumor regression.

EnGeneIC, expressed excitement over the Carolyn Trial's results. She believes in significantly enhancing patient outcomes by maintaining treatment. The EDV therapy combines an ANDC with immunotherapy in a pioneering manner. The patient in Los Angeles showcases the time required to rebuild an immune system damaged by frequent toxic chemotherapy, hinting that for late-stage patients, continuous treatment might be necessary to consider cancer as a chronic disease, potentially leading to complete responses as seen in this particular patient.



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