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Expression Systems Unveils Rhabdovirus-Free Cell Line Facilitating Advancements in Therapy Development

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Expression Systems, a subsidiary of ANGUS, has recently launched a rhabdovirus-free cell line for the development and manufacturing of advanced therapies. The Sf9 RV-Free Insect Cell Line, cultivated in suspension culture and optimized with Expression Systems' ESF AdvanCD Chemically Defined Insect Cell Culture Medium, offers improved productivity and reduced risk for producing recombinant proteins, adeno-associated viruses (AAV), and virus-like particles (VLP).

Thera Mulvania, President of Expression Systems, expressed excitement about the robust growth characteristics demonstrated by the Sf9 RV-Free Insect Cells when cultured in the ESF AdvanCD Medium. With a doubling time of less than 24 hours, cell viability exceeding 95 percent, and cell densities surpassing 25 x 106 cells/mL within 5 days, the cell line allows for a broader growth range and enhanced bioprocessing productivity.

Expression Systems utilized single-cell printing to generate the Sf9 RV-Free Insect Cells, which are accompanied by detailed protocols for optimal performance, as well as comprehensive traceability and documentation for regulatory compliance. Currently, the cells are available as a research cell bank, accompanied by test lots of ESF AdvanCD Chemically Defined Insect Cell Culture Medium. In early 2024, a Master Cell Bank manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions and tested for adventitious agents will be released.

David Neuberger, President and CEO of ANGUS, highlighted the company's commitment to advancing upstream development and downstream processing of novel biologics and advanced therapies. The combination of the rhabdovirus-free cell line and chemically defined insect cell culture medium provides a high-performance platform for AAV manufacturing, expanding their offerings for viral vaccine and gene therapy applications.

It's important to note that the Sf9 RV-Free Cell Line is exclusively available from Expression Systems for research purposes, subject to a Limited Use Label License (LULL). Prior to utilizing the cell line, its progeny, derivatives, or products for clinical applications or commercial purposes, a commercial license agreement must be obtained.

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