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Fosun Pharma USA and Treehill Partners Forge Collaboration for Capital Investments in Biopharmaceuticals

Monday, November 20, 2023

Fosun Pharma USA and Treehill Partners have jointly announced the establishment of a collaborative entity for investing in clinical-stage assets, strengthening their existing partnership. The newly formed business will focus on identifying high-quality mid- to late-stage assets primarily in the United States, with an additional emphasis on high-quality non-U.S. clinical-stage biopharma assets, aiming to facilitate their entry into the U.S. market.

The investment team's strategy revolves around seizing opportunities where a combination of capital infusion, senior leadership involvement, and product development expertise can unlock value within a short to mid-term timeframe.

Fosun Pharma USA, highlighted the industry's recent stagnation due to limited capital for biotech product development. The collaboration with Treehill Partners, known for its end-to-end capabilities spanning corporate and product development, aims to address this challenge.

The jointly led business, headed by Rong Yang and Ali Pashazadeh (CEO and co-founder of Treehill Partners), plans to make its initial investments in 2024. The collaborative effort will manage the entire investment life cycle, from strategy formulation and target identification to product and business development, value realization, and strategic exit options.

Rong Yang expressed enthusiasm for this strategic move, viewing it as a new chapter in the growth journey of Fosun Pharma USA. The partnership intends to actively pursue innovative structures to capitalize on opportunities in the market and work closely with future portfolio companies to commercialize innovative products meeting global patient needs.

Treehill Partners, underscored the selection of Fosun as a global partner sharing their work ethos and vision for novel pathways in biopharma product development. The collaboration is built on a trustful relationship cultivated over many years.

Looking ahead, as the companies and assets within the investment portfolio mature, the partners plan to explore third-party capital sourcing in various structures, to be decided on a case-by-case basis.



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