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Fujirebio Launches Lumipulse® G pTau 217 Plasma Assay for Alzheimer's Research (RUO)

Saturday, December 23, 2023

HU Group Holdings Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Fujirebio, have introduced the latest addition to their product line—the fully automated LUMIPULSE G immunoassay system Lumipulse G pTau 217 plasma assay. This advanced chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay (CLEIA) efficiently detects Tau protein phosphorylated at threonine 217 (pTau 217) in human K 2 EDTA plasma within a remarkable 35-minute timeframe.

Goki Ishikawa, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Fujirebio Holdings, Inc., expressed enthusiasm about this significant milestone, stating, "The launch of the pTau 217 plasma assay on our fully automated LUMIPULSE platform is Fujirebio's first step in delivering innovative neurodegenerative disease biomarkers to laboratories and clinicians globally. This marks a crucial advancement, offering high expectations for this novel biomarker. Researchers and clinical professionals can now explore its clinical utility on a platform that meets regulatory requirements and supports future possibilities for regular use."

Current research on pTau 217 underscores its role as a predictive indicator of amyloid status, determined by CSF or PET, differentiating Alzheimer's disease (AD) from non-AD neurodegenerative diseases. Additionally, it is recognized for its ability to forecast the progression of AD. Blood-based biomarkers like plasma pTau, including pTau 217, hold significant potential for inclusion criteria in clinical trials, assessment of target engagement, and evaluating treatment efficacy. This development could further catalyze the advancement and implementation of disease-modifying therapies in AD and related conditions. The assay is meticulously designed to specifically measure threonine 217 phosphorylation in human plasma.



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