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Genezen Secures Licensing Agreement with CSL for Cytegrity™ Stable Lentivirus Production System

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Genezen, a top-tier Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) specializing in cell and gene therapy, has recently unveiled its acquisition of licensing rights for the Cytegrity™ proprietary stable production system from CSL, a prominent biotechnology firm.

Cytegrity™ stands out as an advanced inducible stable producer technology specifically designed for efficient lentiviral vector (LVV) production. This innovative system enables scalable and cost-effective LVV generation suitable for both gene and cell therapies, with its safety and efficacy validated through early clinical trials. Traditionally, lentiviral vectors have been produced on a limited scale using plasmid-based transient transfection technology. However, the stable lentiviral producer system, exemplified by Cytegrity™, breaks new ground by enabling continuous production from stably transfected adherent or suspension cell lines. This advancement eliminates the need for expensive plasmids, streamlines the production process, and allows for large-scale batch production, multiple harvests, and reduced batch-to-batch variability, ultimately lowering production costs for Genezen's clients.

Genezen, expressed his excitement, emphasizing the significance of Genezen's role as the first CDMO to secure licensing for the Cytegrity™ cell line. He highlighted their extensive experience in scaling up LVV production using this stable production system at their GMP vector facility in Fishers, Indiana, and the potential of this technology to address the global viral vector shortage. Favaloro stressed that licensing Cytegrity™ represents a substantial value addition for Genezen's LVV customers, furthering their mission of efficiently delivering gene and cell therapies to patients.

Genezen, echoed Favaloro's sentiments, expressing enthusiasm for optimizing LVV production for speed, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and reproducibility. Leveraging their expertise with Cytegrity™, Cherukuri believes Genezen can accelerate customers' journeys to clinical trials and ensure higher quality LVV production at scale.

Biopharmaceutical Product Development at CSL, expressed excitement about extending access to the Cytegrity™ cell line to Genezen and the broader cell and gene therapy community. She highlighted the potential of Cytegrity™ to reduce costs and expedite scale-up to clinical and commercial manufacture, ultimately benefiting patients by accelerating their access to transformative therapies.



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