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GIBF Invests $10 Million in Nectin Therapeutics to Propel Novel Pipeline of First-in-Class Immunotherapies and Antibody Drug Conjugates

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

The Guangzhou-Israel Biotechnology Fund (GIBF) has announced a $10 million investment in Nectin Therapeutics Ltd. Nectin is a biotechnology company focusing on developing targeted immunotherapies to combat resistance to existing immune oncology treatments. The funds will support the further development of Nectin's portfolio of immuno-oncology products, including the advancement of their ongoing NTX1088 global Phase 1 clinical trial targeting PVR and the preclinical development of their anti-drug conjugate (ADC) portfolio.

Nectin is dedicated to transforming cancer treatment by leveraging unique insights into nectin pathways to develop the next generation of immune oncology therapies. Their therapies aim to set new standards for efficacy and patient response rates across various challenging cancers. Nectin's technology addresses major escape mechanisms of current immunotherapy treatments through a diverse pipeline of novel monoclonal antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates. The company boasts a strong scientific and management team with extensive experience in oncology drug development and a successful track record in building biotechnology companies and developing innovative therapies. Nectin is privately held and funded by several venture funds, including aMoon Fund, Peregrine Ventures, IBF, Integra Holdings, Myeloma Investment Fund (MIF), and Cancer Focus Fund.

NTX1088 is Nectin's leading candidate—a monoclonal antibody directed against PVR (CD155), a protein overexpressed in many solid tumors. PVR is associated with resistance to PD1 and PDL1 immune checkpoint inhibitors, making it an attractive target for Nectin's therapies. NTX1088 works by blocking PVR, thereby restoring the antitumor immune activity of DNAM1 (CD226), a protein suppressed by PVR on tumor cells. This restoration leads to increased antitumor activity from T and NK cells. Additionally, PVR blockade by NTX1088 prevents the suppression of several immune checkpoint receptors, including TIGIT and CD96, further stimulating an antitumor immune response.

The investment from GIBF reflects the significant progress of Nectin's anti-PVR clinical program and the promising advancements in their ADC candidates. Fabian Tenenbaum, CEO of Nectin Therapeutics, expressed appreciation for GIBF's support and commitment to developing life-saving therapies. With this investment, Nectin aims to complete both dose-escalation and dose-expansion trials for NTX1088 and continue advancing their ADC assets, ultimately improving the lives of cancer patients.



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