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GV20 Therapeutics Teams Up with NVIDIA Inception for AI-based Drug and Target Discovery

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

GV20 Therapeutics, a biotechnology company specializing in AI-integrated antibody therapeutics for cancer, has announced its inclusion in NVIDIA Inception, a program supporting startups driving technological advancements.

The company plans to utilize NVIDIA Inception resources to enhance its drug discovery efforts, particularly focusing on developing AI models for therapeutic antibodies. By leveraging NVIDIA's BioNeMo cloud service, GV20 Therapeutics aims to bolster the computational capabilities of its STEAD platform, which accelerates target and antibody discovery through genomics and molecular dynamics simulations. Integrating BioNeMo into the STEAD platform is expected to expedite progress and introduce new innovations.

Shirley Liu, CEO of GV20 Therapeutics, expressed enthusiasm for joining NVIDIA Inception and anticipates that the program's resources will aid in advancing their STEAD discovery platform. They aim to use these resources to identify novel cancer drug targets, such as IGSF8, and develop therapeutic antibodies more effectively.



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