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H1 Launches Advanced Diversity Insights and Clinical Trial Performance Insights

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

H1, the leading global provider of healthcare provider, clinical, science, and research information, has announced significant advancements in its Trial Landscape solution. In addition to institution, provider, and patient diversity data, H1 now offers indication-level diversity insights. Furthermore, H1 has successfully onboarded its first customer, a top 20 pharmaceutical company, onto the H1 Data Network. This innovative solution aggregates site and principal investigator (PI) performance data from clinical trial management systems (CTMS), promoting transparency and enhancing clinical trial design.

Pharmaceutical companies rely on H1 Trial Landscape to facilitate site feasibility assessments and streamline clinical operations. The platform serves as a comprehensive repository of clinical trial intelligence, integrating data from public and proprietary sources, including over 10 million healthcare providers (HCPs) and more than 420,000 clinical trials. It is the first solution of its kind to fully incorporate diversity and inclusion insights at multiple levels, such as site, HCP, patient, and now, the indication level. This integration accelerates site and PI research, validation, prioritization, diversity, and selection.

The inclusion of indication-level data enables pharmaceutical companies to gain diversity insights at a more granular level, supporting the design of inclusive clinical trials. For instance, users can now identify the percentage of African American breast cancer patients in Georgia, enabling the recruitment of representative populations when designing clinical trials in that state. Access to such granular patient data allows clinical operations teams to better plan and design diverse clinical trials.

With the introduction of the H1 Data Network, pharmaceutical clients can contribute and share their CTMS data with other companies within the network, promoting industry-wide transparency. Unlike other networks, the H1 Data Network is inclusive of pharmaceutical companies of all sizes, ensuring that mid-market and smaller companies have equal access to clinical trial performance data as their larger counterparts. A top 20 pharmaceutical company has already begun contributing its data to the H1 Data Network, with many more expected to follow suit.

Ariel Katz, CEO and co-founder of H1, emphasized the company's commitment to ensuring diversity in clinical trials, stating that it is not only a mission but a moral imperative for the development of effective and equitable healthcare solutions. H1 continuously strives to enhance its technology and data to support this mission. The latest capabilities introduced empower pharmaceutical companies with the insights needed to create more diverse clinical trials and share that data with the broader community.

In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on clinical trial diversity, with regulatory measures coming into force. The 2023 Omnibus Spending Bill (Public Law 117-328), enacted recently, requires the submission of diversity action plans for clinical trials used by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to evaluate the safety and efficacy of drugs. Additionally, initiatives such as the National Institutes of Health's Minority Health and Health Disparities Strategic Plan 2021-2025 aim to improve diversity and inclusion in NIH-funded research, including updated clinical trial policies and guidelines. Pharmaceutical companies and researchers now bear the responsibility of engaging and recruiting diverse patient populations for their trials.

Adam Wycoff, Senior Director of Clinical Products at H1, emphasized the criticality of diversity in clinical trials for advancing healthcare and ensuring equitable access to safe and effective treatments. He highlighted a recent collaboration with a top 20 pharma organization, where H1 helped identify sites conducting next-generation sequencing on diverse patients. By leveraging indication-level diversity data tied to claims, H1 confirmed that the selected sites treated non-white patients who underwent next-generation sequencing testing.

To learn more about these advancements, H1 will host a webinar with Fierce Biotech on March 14 titled "Is Data the Answer to Equitable and Inclusive Clinical Trials?" Representatives from H1 will also be present at the upcoming DIA Europe 2023 Conference

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