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Helix and Recursion Pharmaceuticals Drive Innovation in Drug Discovery Using Clinico-Genomic

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Helix, a leading company in population genomics and precision medicine solutions, has announced a significant multi-year agreement with Recursion Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: RXRX), a clinical-stage TechBio company specializing in advancing drug discovery through biological decoding.

Under this agreement, Recursion will gain access to de-identified clinico-genomic data collected from participants in Helix’s extensive research network, encompassing health systems throughout the US. These datasets include longitudinal clinical records paired with genomic information across various germline therapeutic areas. Recursion plans to use this data to train causal AI models aimed at accelerating drug discovery, designing biomarkers, and developing patient stratification strategies for a wide range of diseases.

"Recursion’s strategy for AI-enabled drug discovery relies on diverse multimodal datasets. By combining Helix’s clinico-genomic dataset with over [25] petabytes of Recursion’s proprietary biological and chemical data, we aim to uncover new insights to enhance the speed, efficacy, and scalability of developing precision medicines across various diseases," said Matt Kinn, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Recursion.

"This partnership highlights the importance of Helix’s precision health network in driving drug discovery and advancing treatments for germline conditions," noted Dr. James Lu, CEO and co-founder of Helix. "Integrating real-world data with genomics empowers our life sciences partners to optimize target discovery, deepen understanding of complex disease mechanisms, and improve safety and efficacy evaluations, significantly speeding up the development of precision therapies."



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