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HuidaGene and Synthego Announce Partnership Regarding Advanced Gene Editing Enzyme, hfCas12Max

Thursday, May 30, 2024

HuidaGene Therapeutics ("HuidaGene") and Synthego Corporation ("Synthego") have announced a collaborative licensing agreement for the high-fidelity Cas12 CRISPR nuclease (hfCas12Max), marking a significant advancement in CRISPR-based genomic medicines. This partnership leverages HuidaGene's expertise in CRISPR technology and Synthego's strengths in advanced manufacturing, aiming to accelerate the development of CRISPR-based therapies.

Under this agreement, HuidaGene grants Synthego manufacturing and commercialization rights for hfCas12Max nuclease and optimized gRNA for research purposes. Additionally, Synthego gains the right to sublicense the nuclease for therapeutic use. This collaboration aims to streamline the development of CRISPR-based therapeutic applications, offering developers access to precise and efficient genome editing tools.

HuidaGene, emphasized the importance of this partnership, highlighting HuidaGene's extensive CRISPR intellectual property portfolio and its commitment to addressing critical medical conditions. Craig Christianson, CEO of Synthego, echoed this sentiment, stating that combining Synthego's manufacturing capabilities with HuidaGene's nuclease technology is crucial for advancing transformative therapies.

hfCas12Max, developed through HuidaGene's HG-PRECISE platform, boasts superior on-target editing efficiency and reduced off-target activity in mammalian cells. Its ability to package into a single viral vector is particularly advantageous for cell and gene therapies. The commercialization of hfCas12Max is expected to expand access to this CRISPR gene-editing system, facilitating the development of innovative therapies.

This partnership underscores both companies' commitment to innovation in genomic-based therapies, aiming to revolutionize patient care worldwide.



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