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Indapta Therapeutics announces the initiation of patient treatments with IDP-023 Allogeneic Natural Killer (NK) Cell Therapy for Cancer

Friday, January 12, 2024

Indapta Therapeutics, a privately held biotechnology firm specializing in the development of IDP-023, a natural killer (NK) cell therapy for cancer treatment, has initiated its Phase 1 clinical trial for multiple myeloma and Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and NEXT Oncology, Virginia, treated the initial patients.

The first patient received a single dose of IDP-023, and the second patient underwent the initial of three planned doses. Subsequent patient groups will receive three doses of IDP-023 with or without interleukin-2. Following the establishment of safety with multiple doses in combination with interleukin-2, patients with lymphoma and multiple myeloma will be treated with IDP-023 in conjunction with rituximab and daratumumab monoclonal antibodies, respectively.

Dr. Mark Frohlich, CEO of Indapta, expressed enthusiasm about transitioning to a clinical stage company and highlighted the superior activity of IDP-023 compared to conventional NK cells in preclinical models. The company has successfully manufactured enough IDP-023 to sustain the Phase 1 clinical trial until the second half of 2024, achieving high yields in its GMP production runs.

Indapta's allogeneic NK cell therapy platform features "G minus" NK cells, or "g-NK," which enhance the cancer-killing capabilities of monoclonal antibody therapy without genetic engineering. IDP-023 is generated by selectively expanding g-NK cells from healthy donors with increased numbers of these cells. The cryopreserved g-NK cell therapy stands out for its low variability.

In preclinical studies, IDP-023 has exhibited more potent and durable antitumor activity when combined with cancer-targeting monoclonal antibodies compared to conventional NK cells, releasing significantly more immune-activating cytokines and cancer-killing compounds (Bigley et al., Blood Advances 2020, Frohlich is optimistic about the competitive cost of goods at the time of product launch due to recent improvements in the manufacturing process and planned changes.



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