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Inoviv Debuts NeuroKey-3™: A Novel Quantitative Multiplexed IP-MS Assay for Assessing Crucial Low-Level Markers in Neurodegeneration

Saturday, March 02, 2024

Inoviv, a leader in biomarker innovation, has introduced its groundbreaking NeuroKey-3™ assay, a comprehensive service designed to measure crucial low-level markers associated with neurodegeneration in human plasma. This marks a significant achievement in Inoviv's mission to provide innovative molecular insights that revolutionize both drug development and healthcare globally. The unveiling of NeuroKey-3™ is set to take place at AD/PD 2024 on March 5, 2024.

NeuroKey-3™ is distinguished as the world's first commercially available assay targeting diseases, offering precise quantification of a distinct set of proteins associated with Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia directly from plasma. This comprehensive assay service ensures highly reliable and reproducible data for quantifying low-level analytes. It equips clinical researchers with a comprehensive biomarker report comprising statistical analyses, graphical data representations, correlation matrices, and quantitative values.

Inoviv, emphasized the significance of NeuroKey-3™, stating, "NeuroKey-3 significantly expedites clinical trial timelines and presents neurological drug developers with a transformative biomarker strategy capable of measuring proteins crucial to pharmaceutical companies, with the precision required for informed decision-making and FDA submissions." He further emphasized that NeuroKey-3™ offers accurate, quantitative insights into proteins associated with neurodegeneration and can be customized to provide definitive data on post-translational modifications, other proteins, lipids, and metabolites.



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