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Introducing Nanotein's Breakthrough Soluble Activator for NK Cells in Cancer Immunotherapy Research

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Nanotein Technologies, a pioneering company specializing in cutting-edge cell therapy reagents, has recently launched NanoSpark™ GROW-NK Soluble Activator, an exciting addition to their NanoSpark™ product line. This groundbreaking reagent has been specifically developed to facilitate the activation and expansion of human Natural Killer (NK) cells for cancer immunotherapy research and manufacturing, without the need for feeder cells.

NanoSpark™ GROW-NK Soluble Activator, a protein-based activator, allows researchers to easily and efficiently expand a large volume of high-quality NK cells, eliminating the requirement for magnetic components. The proprietary nanoscale format of the activator's protein complex offers the added benefit of enabling sterile filtration, a highly desirable feature in NK immunotherapy research.

Dr. Curtis Hodge, Co-Founder and CEO of Nanotein, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "The introduction of NanoSpark™ GROW-NK Soluble Activator marks a significant shift in how we develop innovative NK cell immunotherapies. We are thrilled to provide researchers with a user-friendly, pre-assembled NK cell activator that will accelerate the progress of NK cell-based therapies, including CAR-NK therapy, and all the associated advantages."

NK cell-based cancer therapies represent a groundbreaking form of adoptive immunotherapy, with notable improvements over traditional T cell-based therapies. These therapies, including NK and CAR-NK therapies, are less prone to causing autoimmune reactions leading to graft versus host disease (GvHD). Furthermore, they possess cellular receptors like CD16, enabling the targeting of cancer cells in conjunction with tumor-specific infused antibodies. This process triggers highly effective tumor cell death through antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC).

NanoSpark™ GROW-NK offers additional advantages for the manufacturing and expansion of NK cells by eliminating the labor-intensive co-culturing of NK cells with irradiated feeder cells, a conventional method for producing NK cells. This innovation significantly reduces costs, simplifies the process, and, most importantly, mitigates the risk of introducing malignant biologic material into patients—an essential step in ensuring clinical safety and meeting regulatory standards, which Nanotein's product effectively addresses.

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