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Jumpcode Genomics and Takara Bio USA Establish Worldwide Patent Collaboration

Friday, June 14, 2024

Jumpcode Genomics, a company specializing in genomic technologies, and Takara Bio USA, Inc., a subsidiary of Takara Bio Inc., have ended their patent dispute and agreed to collaborate. This partnership focuses on the removal of unwanted RNA transcripts from NGS libraries using CRISPR technology.

Under the terms of their agreement, both companies will license their respective intellectual properties to each other, in exchange for undisclosed royalty payments. Their combined intellectual property portfolio includes several patents and pending applications globally, such as U.S. Patent 11,708,606 held by Jumpcode and U.S. Patent 10,150,985 held by Takara Bio USA.

The collaboration utilizes technologies from Jumpcode's DepleteX® and CRISPRclean brands, and Takara Bio USA's ZapR technology, which are designed to eliminate unwanted sequences from biological samples, thereby enhancing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of RNA sequencing.

These technologies have broad applications in research and medical fields, particularly in detecting new pathogens, which is critical during health crises like pandemics.

Jumpcode, stated, “Partnering with Takara is exciting for us. Our technologies together will help scientists across the globe achieve significant advancements in research, and we are eager to see the impact on the field of molecular biology. We are focused on the worldwide rollout of our products alongside Takara Bio USA.”

Takara Bio USA, commented, “We are pleased to join forces with Jumpcode to unify our innovative technologies and core patents. This partnership will offer greater clarity to our customers and partners, allowing us to jointly enhance the progress in genomic research.”



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