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Levation Pharma Initiates Phase I/II Clinical Trial of LEV102 for Acquired Blepharoptosis

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Levation Pharma Ltd., a pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing innovative therapeutics for ophthalmology and aesthetics, has received FDA clearance to commence a Phase I/II trial for LEV102, a potential treatment for Acquired Blepharoptosis in adults. Acquired Blepharoptosis, commonly known as drooping of the upper eyelid, is a prevalent condition associated with aging and underlying medical conditions. It can cause impaired visual field and aesthetically unpleasing eyes, giving the appearance of aging and tiredness.

LEV102 is a proprietary aqueous gel that contains various penetration enhancers and oxymetazoline as the active pharmaceutical ingredient. Oxymetazoline is an alpha-adrenergic agonist designed to activate the receptors on Mueller's muscle in the upper eyelid. Mueller's muscle is the involuntary muscle responsible for raising the lid, such as during a startle reflex. The medication is applied in small amounts to the upper lid. The penetration enhancers facilitate transdermal permeation of the drug through the lid to reach the alpha receptors on Mueller's muscle, inducing elevation of the upper lid. LEV102 is a colorless, odorless gel that dries rapidly. The product is formulated to function as a primer and is compatible with commercially available eye shadows. The clinical trial aims to assess the initial safety and efficacy signals of LEV102 as a potential treatment for Acquired Blepharoptosis in adults.

Dr. Houman Hemmati, Chief Medical Officer of Levation Pharma, expressed delight in initiating the clinical trial after years of development and testing to achieve a formulation that is both clinically beneficial and aesthetically pleasing. LEV102 was carefully designed to address a potentially large market and an unmet clinical need in ophthalmology, specifically providing a simple-to-apply topical eyelid agent capable of raising the upper lid in patients with symptoms and signs of blepharoptosis.

Dr. Steve Yoelin from Newport Beach, California, commented on the increasing interest among medical providers and patients in using medication to raise the upper lid in cases of acquired blepharoptosis. He expressed enthusiasm for novel drug delivery systems and looks forward to learning about the performance of LEV102 in this clinical trial.

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