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MaxCyte and Vittoria Biotherapeutics Establish Strategic Platform License Partnership to Propel Next-Generation Cellular Therapies

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

MaxCyte, a leading cell-engineering company specializing in platform technologies for next-generation cell-based therapeutics, has entered into a strategic platform license agreement with Vittoria Biotherapeutics. Vittoria Biotherapeutics is a pioneering gene-edited cell therapeutics company with innovative platform technologies aimed at developing a pipeline of highly differentiated cellular therapies for oncology and immunology indications.

As per the agreement, Vittoria Biotherapeutics will gain non-exclusive clinical and commercial rights to utilize MaxCyte's Flow Electroporation® technology and ExPERT™ platform. In return, MaxCyte will receive platform licensing fees and revenue related to the programs.

Vittoria Biotherapeutics' technology and clinical programs target the gaps present in current cell therapies. They are preparing to submit an investigational new drug application (IND) for their lead program, Viper 101, later this year. Viper 101 is a gene-edited, autologous, dual-population cell therapy developed from Vittoria's proprietary Senza5™ platform. It addresses a significant unmet therapeutic need in the treatment of T-cell lymphoma. The Senza5™ platform technology enhances the viability, efficacy, and safety of CAR-T treatments by modulating a novel checkpoint pathway in engineered T-cells. Preclinical models have shown the superior anti-tumor efficacy of Senza5™ CAR-T cells in both liquid and solid tumors, employing a unique five-day manufacturing process.

Doug Doerfler, President and CEO of MaxCyte, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership and its potential to advance CAR-T therapies. He stated that collaborating with Vittoria would provide an opportunity to demonstrate and validate MaxCyte's technology in a real-world setting, further expanding its presence in the promising field of CAR-T therapies.

Nicholas Siciliano, Ph.D., CEO of Vittoria Biotherapeutics, emphasized the goal of delivering next-generation T-cell therapies that improve patient outcomes by enhancing clinical utility and safety. Siciliano noted that MaxCyte's expertise in clinical-grade manufacturing of gene-edited cellular therapeutics would enhance the robustness and reproducibility of their manufacturing process, ensuring consistent quality for each batch of CAR-T cells.

MaxCyte's ExPERT™ platform, renowned for its clinically validated electroporation technology, facilitates complex and scalable cell engineering. The ExPERT™ platform offers high transfection efficiency, seamless scalability, and enhanced functionality, making it essential for driving the development of future biological and cellular therapeutics. This collaboration marks MaxCyte's 22nd strategic platform license agreement overall.

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