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Menarini Silicon Biosystems Unveils New CELLSEARCH® CTC Assay Incorporating DLL3 Biomarker for Small Cell Lung Cancer

Friday, July 14, 2023

Menarini Silicon Biosystems (MSB) has recently launched its novel CELLSEARCH® CTC Assay with DLL3 Biomarker for Small Cell Lung Cancer. This innovative laboratory service utilizes the detection of Delta-Like Ligand 3 (DLL3) protein expression on circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in the blood. DLL3 is predominantly found in challenging-to-treat cancers.

The introduction of MSB's CELLSEARCH® CTC Assay marks a significant development in the field of liquid biopsy and single-cell technologies. The assay enables the identification and enumeration of CTCs expressing the DLL3 biomarker, which has shown high expression in cancerous tissues of patients with Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) and other neuroendocrine neoplasms (NNEs), while displaying minimal expression in normal tissues.

The presence of DLL3 on CTCs is associated with more aggressive disease, making its detection clinically relevant. The CELLSEARCH® CTC Assay offers a minimally invasive and standardized approach for real-time quantification and characterization of CTCs. It is built upon the CELLSEARCH® CTC platform, which is the first and only system to be clinically validated and FDA cleared for CTC identification, isolation, and enumeration in patients with metastatic breast cancer, castration-resistant prostate cancer, or colorectal cancer.

By incorporating the DLL3 biomarker into the CELLSEARCH® CTC Assay, Menarini Silicon Biosystems aims to support the development of personalized therapeutic strategies and improve outcomes for patients with Small Cell Lung Cancer and other challenging tumor types. The rapid availability of biomarker-based tests is essential in advancing oncology research and aiding physicians in selecting appropriate treatments based on patients' specific biomarker profiles.

The launch of the CELLSEARCH® CTC Assay with DLL3 Biomarker signifies Menarini Silicon Biosystems' commitment to innovation and its contribution to the field of liquid biopsy technologies, offering new possibilities for the detection and monitoring of cancer progression in a minimally invasive manner.

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