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Mirador Therapeutics Launches to Propel Precision Medicine Solutions for Immune-Mediated Diseases

Friday, March 22, 2024

Mirador Therapeutics, Inc. (Mirador) has officially announced its launch, led by Mark C. McKenna, and featuring former executives from Prometheus Biosciences. The company aims to transform precision medicine for immune-mediated inflammatory and fibrotic diseases through its proprietary Mirador360TM development engine, which expedites multiple program advancements.

The financing round, exceeding $400 million, was primarily led by ARCH Venture Partners, with early support from OrbiMed and Fairmount, alongside several other prominent life sciences investors such as Fidelity Management & Research Company, Point72, and Farallon Capital Management.

Mark C. McKenna, Chairman and CEO of Mirador, outlined the company's vision, emphasizing the utilization of human genetics advancements and machine learning to accelerate therapy development. McKenna highlighted the team's expertise and data-driven approach as key drivers for establishing Mirador as a leading precision medicine entity.

Kristina Burow, Mirador board member and managing director of ARCH Venture Partners, echoed McKenna's sentiments, emphasizing the urgent need for innovative therapeutics in immune-mediated inflammatory and fibrotic diseases. Burow expressed confidence in Mirador's capabilities, citing their successful track record in precision immunology.

Mirador's core focus is on developing groundbreaking precision medicines, leveraging Mirador360 to analyze patient molecular profiles, identify therapeutic targets, and explore combination therapies. Additionally, the platform facilitates diagnostic development and precise patient stratification for clinical trials.

Mirador's innovative approach heralds a promising era in precision medicine for immunology and inflammation, addressing critical unmet needs for patients worldwide.



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