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Mission Bio Introduces Tapestri® Genome Editing Solution for Enhanced Analysis of Advanced Therapies

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Mission Bio, a leading player in single-cell multi-omic solutions for precision medicine, has introduced its groundbreaking Tapestri® Genome Editing Solution. This innovation addresses the critical need for high-resolution analysis of genome editing, marking a significant advancement in the fields of advanced therapy development, disease modeling, and functional genomics. The solution has garnered substantial attention from key figures in the pharmaceutical industry, academia, and government research, following its initial preview at The American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy annual conference.

The Tapestri® Genome Editing Solution offers diverse applications for genome engineers, advanced therapy developers, and disease modelers. It enables rapid characterization of gene-edited drug products, including the identification of on- and off-target editing, zygosity of edits, and co-editing of multiple targets within individual cells. Furthermore, the solution supports multi-omic analysis, allowing for the simultaneous measurement of editing and cell-surface protein expression in the same cells, facilitating a deeper understanding of cell engineering and the validation of knockouts through protein loss.

Brittany Enzmann, PhD, Product Manager for Mission Bio's Tapestri® Genome Editing Solution, emphasized its significance, stating, The Tapestri Genome Editing Solution empowers researchers to scrutinize gene therapies at the single-cell level, a pivotal step in ensuring patient safety. By providing this unprecedented level of detail, we're not just introducing a new tool; we're contributing to the advancement of safer and more effective gene therapies. This, in turn, accelerates the transition from laboratory research to patient application.

Gene editing technologies like CRISPR hold immense promise for addressing previously untreatable diseases such as sickle cell disease, with the possibility of the first CRISPR-edited cell therapy gaining FDA approval in the near future. These technologies also play a vital role in developing disease models and identifying the genomic drivers of disease progression. However, they pose intricate challenges, including the evaluation of both intended and unintended edits. Traditionally, researchers have relied on single-cell cloning, a labor-intensive process involving weeks of cell culture.

Mission Bio's Tapestri® Genome Editing Solution offers a high-throughput workflow that combines genotypic and immunophenotypic assessments within single cells, enabling the analysis of thousands of cells and capturing essential details often overlooked by bulk analysis methods. The platform features automated data reporting, eliminating the need for dedicated bioinformatics resources and significantly reducing computational time. This accessibility ensures that a broader range of professionals, from genome engineers to clinicians and therapy developers, can readily access and interpret this critical information.

Dr. Saar Gill, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, highlighted the technology's significance, saying, This multi-omic genome-editing solution will provide invaluable insights for gene-edited cell therapies, surpassing the capabilities of conventional bulk analysis. The automated report offers an immediate and intuitive overview of our data, a task that would typically require hours of bioinformatic analysis. Overall, this technology equips us better to comprehend our editing results.

The technology will be showcased at the upcoming Cell Therapy Analytical Development Summit in Amsterdam from September 19-21. As gene editing continues to assume an increasingly pivotal role in the medical and scientific communities, all eyes will be on this technology's potential to revolutionize our understanding of cell therapy characterization. Matthew Cato, Vice President, Business and Strategic Market Development at Mission Bio, is scheduled to deliver a presentation exploring the technology's promise and utility.

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