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NanoImaging Services and Cube Biotech Join Forces to Enhance Cryo-EM Facilitated Gene-to-Structure Workflow

Wednesday, June 05, 2024

NanoImaging Services (NIS) and Cube Biotech are teaming up to create a streamlined gene-to-structure workflow that integrates cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) capabilities. This partnership aims to expedite medicinal chemistry analysis and revolutionize membrane protein research.

NIS brings expertise in high-resolution structural enablement via cryo-EM, while Cube Biotech contributes innovative polymer technologies for protein production. Their collaboration will optimize projects from construct design to structure determination, reducing time and costs associated with drug discovery.

NIS, emphasized the importance of reagent purity and characterization. Dr. Jan Kubicek, Chief Scientific Officer at Cube Biotech, highlighted their polymer technology's ability to maintain membrane proteins' native state.

NanoImaging Services, sees the partnership as a way to shorten timelines and increase success rates in drug discovery. Barbara Maertens, COO of Cube Biotech, anticipates groundbreaking discoveries in membrane protein research.

In summary, NIS and Cube Biotech's collaboration promises to enhance efficiency and accuracy in membrane protein research and drug discovery processes.



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