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NeuroTherapia Secures Grant from Alzheimer's Association to Develop Novel Drug for Alzheimer's Disease

Thursday, May 09, 2024

NeuroTherapia, a developing clinical pharmaceutical company, recently announced it received a grant from the Alzheimer's Association Part the Cloud program. This grant will support the development of their innovative drug, NTRX-07, for Alzheimer's disease (AD).

The funding will primarily aid the clinical advancement of NTRX-07, which has shown promising results in preclinical studies and initial Phase 1 trials with a small group of AD patients. NTRX-07 targets neuroinflammation, a significant factor in AD progression, with potential to slow or halt the disease.

NeuroTherapia, expressed excitement about the grant, stating, "We're thrilled to have this support from Part the Cloud, validating our commitment to innovative treatments like NTRX-07 for Alzheimer's."

NeuroTherapia, emphasized NTRX-07's novel approach in addressing neuroinflammation and its safety profile based on Phase 1 data. The Phase 2a trial aims to further understand the drug's effects on AD patients.

Heather Snyder, Ph.D., Vice President of Medical and Scientific Relations at the Alzheimer's Association, highlighted the importance of diverse research funding and expressed enthusiasm about supporting clinical trials like NTRX-07's Phase 2a study.

This grant adds to NeuroTherapia's existing support from various entities, including the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation, Cleveland Clinic, Brain Trust Accelerator Fund II, and Dolby Family Ventures. These resources have enabled the company to complete Phase 1 trials and prepare for the forthcoming Phase 2a trial, assessing safety and biological activity of NTRX-07.



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