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NewBiologix Obtains License from Florabio for HEK293 Cell Line in Generating Custom Cell Lines for Stable rAAV Expression in Gene Therapy

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

NewBiologix SA, a technology innovation company focused on addressing gene therapy manufacturing gaps, has announced a licensing agreement with Florabio AS, a global leader specialized in developing cell lines and chemically defined cell culture media. The agreement entails genetically engineering Florabio's proprietary HEK293 cell line to enable stable production of recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) vectors, crucial in gene therapy.

This innovative approach by NewBiologix aims to replace the industry-standard transient transfection methods with a more dependable and scalable solution. By leveraging Florabio's HEK293 suspension cell line and utilizing proprietary genomic data, NewBiologix plans to engineer the cell line to select highly optimized clones with superior growth, expansion, and transfection capabilities.

NewBiologix, expressed enthusiasm, stating: "Our mission at NewBiologix is to empower biopharmaceutical companies in developing and manufacturing cutting-edge gene therapies that are safer, more effective, and scalable. The engineered HEK293 cell line will play a pivotal role in enabling us to assist our clients in achieving population-scale manufacturing, thereby maximizing the production of safer and functional vectors."

The HEK293 cell line has been instrumental in advancing gene therapy, particularly in commercial AAV production. Utilizing suspension-adapted HEK293 cells in serum-free medium allows for high cell densities and increased volumetric yields. However, developing a serum-free suspension HEK293 platform has been challenging due to limitations with current triple transfection methods, impacting scalability, titers, and batch-to-batch variability.

NewBiologix aims to address the demand for gene therapy in clinical trials and commercial applications by engineering HEK293 cell lines to enhance productivity at both cellular and volumetric levels, while also improving batch-to-batch consistency, product purity, and potency.

Florabio, emphasized their alignment with NewBiologix's mission, stating: "We are committed to helping biopharmaceutical companies produce gene therapies more efficiently and cost-effectively by offering scalable solutions. NewBiologix's utilization of the 'FlorabioHEK293' cell line and our chemically defined HEK293 medium will expedite their goals in a more efficient manner."



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