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Nexus Pharmaceuticals Unveils Baclofen Injection, USP

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Nexus Pharmaceuticals made an announcement today regarding the introduction of Baclofen Injection, USP. This sterile solution is formulated for intrathecal administration, serving as both a muscle relaxant and antispastic. Baclofen Injection proves valuable for patients with conditions like multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, and others leading to muscle spasms.

Omair Ahmed, Chief Operating Officer at Nexus Pharmaceuticals, expressed enthusiasm for the launch, stating, “The addition of Baclofen to our product line demonstrates our dedication to addressing healthcare challenges and enhancing patient outcomes. This launch reflects our commitment to providing essential pharmaceuticals that significantly improve people's lives.”

Key benefits of Baclofen Injection, USP include:

  • Relief of flexor spasms, clonus, accompanying pain, and other symptoms.
  • Improvement of sleep patterns and management of chronic pain.
  • Providing relief for patients unable to tolerate or respond to oral Baclofen formulations, ensuring relief despite limitations.

Baclofen Injection, USP will be available from March 11th, 2024, in individual cartons containing 20 mL single-dose vials with a concentration level of 2,000 mcg/mL. 



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